The Villa House

The … ‘Villa House’…has been a home or a home away from home for many people over the years; from people coming from 5 continents. Villa House has become known as a place with the human touch; a place for people with modest needs. It has been my personal home base for decades; 30 or so years. And for the most part was and still is operated as a multi-use licensed self-catering Lodging House consisting of 3 self-contained furnished one-bedroom apartments, 3 single and 3 double furnished bed-sitting rooms with shared kitchen and bathrooms down the hall and one furnished shared living unit. 

The Lodge is located only 2 city blocks away from the world-famous Lake Superior “Heart of the Harbor” Marina Park Waterfront in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The lodging rooms and apartments are rented to qualified persons possessing independent living capabilities and good references.

The Villa House undergoes routine maintenance and adherence to latest local/ national laws. If you want to see what my visual perception looks like, please navigate your way to the “Future Development” page.

I am currently looking to pass on the pleasures of owning and operating Villa House. If you have an intertest in purchasing or investing in Villa House, please read the information provided in the link above and contact me through this website.

After you have had a good look at specific information, and if you still have a continued interest, please get back in touch with me through the contact form on this website. I will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.

-Wolfgang Schoor, BIS.CCS. Owner/Operator

For further information on either rental or purchase please see our Sales Tour and Rental Information or contact me