Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomic Home and Workplace Evaluations

Centers on the ergonomics and safety of homes, tenements, offices, commercial and construction environments. My goal is to introduce you to efficient ergonomically designed methods to reduce your potential for discomfort and body strain, and improve your physical environment to better suit your needs, thereby enhancing your health and your safety.

The framework of our ergonomic services establishes the relationship between our clients and the physical features within and around their home and work environments in order to gain information about those areas and issues, where improvements may be considered. This information is obtained by ergonomic assessments and evaluations. The assessment process will identify recurrent physical strain in the work, home, and other environments, and evaluate specific environmental conditions responsible for them. The information gained will determine what action is to be taken next. These may consist of goals and tasks designed to eliminate conditions which cause stress and body strain, physical interaction, as well as object substitution are usually ways to create “relief” or regain a healthy and safe environment. My main focus centers on the ergonomics and safety of homes, tenements, offices, and commercial and construction environments.

For the last decade, I worked in areas between Ottawa, Fort McMurray, Victoria, Northern Ontario James Bay and Vancouver BC on construction projects participating as a field researcher, to explore the human factors between pure design theory and actual construction practices.