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Article – Designs of a socially-conscious inventor

Excerpts from a publication By Cathy McGowan – Northern Ontario Business – 2000

Wolfgang Schoor has developed unique ergonomic products that at some point he will either manufacture himself or take to a manufacturer to have them made. The German-born inventor and owner of Villa-House; a multi-use residential rental business, has been designing ergonomic products and buildings for most of his life.

Wolfgang has established a means and framework for ergonomic services that establishes the relationship between clients and the physical features within and around their home and work environments in order to gain information about those areas and issues, where improvements may be considered. Ergonomic Home Health and Safety

“I’ve always tried to resolve problems since I was a boy. I’ve had a life-long interest in exploring human comfort issues,” Schoor says

Over the years the Villa-House has identified barriers that may be resolved with ergonomic designs. This in part inspired some of Wolfgang’s ergonomic designs while the Villa-House underwent ongoing renovations, upgrades and innovations.

For example, he has invented “The Schoor-Fire-stop,” a device that will automatically shut off a stove when it is left unattended. The device is attached to the back of a stove, detects heat levels and shuts off the appliance when heat reaches a dangerous level.

Wolfgang Schoor has developed a line of patented Schoor-Grip ergonomic hand tools such as the Ergo Claw Hammer, designed with a slightly-curved handle to eliminate potential for Carpal Tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries. “There’s more impact and force with the Schoor-Grip, and it increases your range of motion,” he says.

Schoor has taken the same design qualities to develop prototypes such as brushes, ladders, hand-drills that operates counter-clockwise, shears, shovels and other hand tools. He has even developed a device that eliminates squeaks in floors. The …’schoor-way floor squeak stopper’…

A certified craftsman, tool, implement, mechanical and electrical devices maker, carpenter and joiner, Schoor has also developed the Ergo 2000, which he describes as a “functional, affordable and adaptable” housing design. Based on Inuit building designs. Ergo 2000 enables homeowners to expand exterior and interior building components. The open concept interior also allows for improvement if need be to adapt to the needs of each family distinct differences.

Schoor built Ergo 2000 prototypes in a rural areas. Home owners, are “very happy and pleased” with the design, Schoor says.

Schoor designed The Norden Haus building and engineered lumber system. The Norden Haus is another innovative feature that allows for the construction of additional storeys and extensions to a basic building. He calls this a …grow-home.

Schoor says his Schoor-Way tool systems and building designs are especially needed to help resolve problems facing the world’s aging population. And he adds the systems can be manufactured locally for regional sales and distribution.
“They’ve been created and developed in Thunder Bay, and we have a lot of skilled labour here,” he says.

Schoor plans to compile information by way of video productions and documentation on his experiences at Villa-House from a physiological, psychological and sociological perspective. This will be a research paper entitled Schoor’s Creation of Physical and Social Residential Environments incorporating Ergonomics.

While working and observing people, a melodic structure came to his mind, resulting in him composing and producing a song on a16 track copy-righted music production.

If you have an interest in any of my inventions or products, please feel free to contact me. I will get back to you with answers promptly.

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