Future Development

The Modesta Lodge

Upgrades & Future Development


The now called Modesta Lodge on Villa street has a rich history. It was originally built as a Folk Victorian home in early 19 hundred something as a single family dwelling as I understand for a wealthy coal merchant. An addition was built during the 1930’s to facilitate more space. During the late 1950’s, the home was purchased by Polish immigrants who modified the building to single bedroom apartments and lodging rooms to accommodate more incoming European immigrants.

Over 20 years ago:

I, Wolfgang Schoor became involved with this building in 1988, and continued its use. By 1996, Municipal By-Laws and the Ontario Fire Protection Act changed, which necessitated retrofitting and upgrading this lodging house with life safety, electrical and early fire warning systems. Much additional work and independent research related to building performance and tenant behavior has been conducted by me since then. A portion of this research has been published internationally and publicized locally.

One of my added many ergonomic unique architectural details and winter city designs is shown in the picture of the roof covered entrance. For example, an upward sloped handrail accommodates the angle of prose to co incite with the law of gravitation for rain and snow run-off to gain a better handhold when negotiating the stairs.

The illustration below shows the planning stages for the Lodge on Villa between 2011 and 2012

The Modesta Lodge during a summer month is shown in the above picture.

The Modesta Lodge during winter season is shown in the above picture.

The curved stairway entrance to Unit #2 is shown in the picture above.

The drawing below shows a conceptual three dimensional computer generated drawing of future developments to accommodate winter city and all seasonal universal designs. Included in this are new stair way enclosures to accommodate better ergonomics, better security, more control to accommodate emergency readiness, roof dormers for better space utilization, more lighting, improved windows, and a new roofing system to optimize insulation values thereby reducing heat loss.

Below is a picture of the Villa House. Taken Dec. 17, 2013.

Below is an up to date picture of the Villa House / Modesta Lodge. Taken Sept. 25, 20143.