Future Development


Villa House has a rich history dating back as a Folk Victorian home in early 19 hundred something as a single-family dwelling for a wealthy coal merchant.

An addition was added during the 1930’s to facilitate more space. During the late 1950’s, the home was jointly purchased by 3 Polish immigrant families, who modified the building to single bedroom apartments and lodging rooms to accommodate more incoming European immigrants.

My involvement:

My name is Wolfgang Schoor, BIS.CCS. I am a degreed University graduate akin to a masters from the University of Waterloo, with a focus in Construction Ergonomics’ and Universal Design for cold climates. As well, I am a certified construction superintendent, and certified as carpenter and joiner in Germany and Canada…along with other related certifications.


I, became involved with this building in the 1990’s, continued its use and began with planning and initiating specific improvements. By 1996, Municipal By-Laws and the Ontario Fire Protection Act changed, which necessitated retrofitting and upgrading this lodging house with mandatory standardised building code compliances and life safety, electrical and early fire warning systems.

Additional work and independent research related to buildability, livability and affordability, building performance and tenant behavior has been conducted by me since then. A portion of this research has been published internationally and publicized locally.

The illustration below shows the early planning stages for Villa House






  • Villa House visual features as of late fall 2017

Summary of Villa House future development:

While looking towards selling Villa House, I will continue to further develop Villa House to its fullest potential with an ad-on cost related to expenditure. I have a City of Thunder Bay building services committee of adjustment application pending, based on the pictures as shown.

The pictures above show a bird’s eye view of what my visual perception looks like. However, if this is not within your very own vision, I am willing to renovate to suit the new owner providing by-law allows this vision. There are many other ways the property can be changed if need be, but in my eyes, it is pretty functional and looks pretty good as it is.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me and ask for more detail.