Experience and Qualification

I am a professional with extensive construction experience in multimillion dollar Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, surface-mining, hydroelectric and residential projects across Canada and Germany; and have dedicated more than 45 eventful years of my life to the practical and theoretical application of the building sciences and construction industry as a whole.

A certified construction superintendent and safety officer, I have worked my way up through the ranks by way of a structured and experiential learning process… hands-on and layout work, project manager, estimator, construction site supervisor, clerk the of works, safety officer CSO/NSCO and representative for workers and management; Quality Assurance and Quality Control in residential, industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI); Agricultural animal housing, construction camp installations and surface mining projects…but many other project types as well.

I also have broad experience in maintenance planning of new, existing, and aging buildings, historical and other retrofitting, tenant fit-out, raising, jacking, cribbing, underpinning buildings, moving or re-introducing firm supports, wood and concrete foundations, implementing portable prefabrication systems, personnel selection, effective human resources training and development, tool selection to affect a productive and cost effective, healthy, safe, construction environment.

My learning and multi functional focus have a broad base. This multi-talent focus has been the ingredient and catalyst to master many approaches to safe work and healthy living allowing me to become a professional that has developed business user friendly capabilities through both educational and practical experience for more than 35 years. I am very proficient when it comes to safety, cost control, and quality.

As a person and professional, I have shown on-going willingness and proven ability to add an academic dimension to my knowledge base. I have learned from past experiences and look towards the forever changing multinational workforce and its future in terms of construction technology to achieve anticipated production yields, estimated cost control along with occupational health and safety requirements, and national standardized quality of work.

BIS Ergonomics – Univ. of Waterloo Convocation – Univ. of Waterloo Ergonomic Project Fair Designer

I worked in areas between Montebello Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo; most communities in North Western Ontario including the James Bay, Fort McMurray, Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler BC, Cambridge Bay in Nunavut and explored a lot of other places in-between; as well Germany, the US and Hawaii. While working on many different construction projects in various capacities ranging from apprentice carpenter and joiner to journeyman, lead hand and foreman, safety officer, site supervisor, quality control, quality assurance and other managerial positions.

I believe that a very valuable and important tool in constructing is one’s own reputation “. …and – “when it comes to safety in constructing and buildings products, places and human systems …there shall not be a compromise…for any reason.

On my journey of life…the “ Lebensweg”…I never lost sight of my journey and my purpose related to being a participating field researcher, in hot and cold climates, to allow me to explore the human factors, people behavior and technology changes between pure and poor design theory and actual construction practices. The outcome of this can be explained in work related wellness lectures when opportunity knocks. I am still wondering if at the end of the day… technology …really made life easier for the average person. I know there are “trade-off’s”… but my master in Germany was a firm believer that…’ what is built by machine, must first be mastered by hand “the “Hand Werk”. Things changed” didn’t they?

I have a policy, that if I can’t make it better, I will leave well enough alone. I still enjoy giving a new lease on life to everything I work on… vehicles, guitars, projects and more. My fine lady and gentlemen friends, the pictures above depict a usual regular day of my life. Wow, it’s a beautiful life.
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There is no doubt in my mind, that I have much more broad based experience in the business than most people have, but I also know that there are many professional people who have a lot more experience and education then I have.

In any case, if you think my experience can add value to your project, please let me know… I will gladly explore the associated potential for mutual benefits.