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The need for Ergonomic Home Health and Safety and Ergonomic Occupational Health and Safety should not be underestimated. Most Canadians, spend more than half of their time indoors, and much of that time is spent at home or in the workplace. Many homes and workplaces contain multiple substances that may be hazardous to health. Statistics show that one in five Canadians suffer from some type of lung disease, and many more Canadians are affected by allergies.

Health Factors

Be concerned about possible problems if one or more workers or occupants are suffering from unexplained health problems such as an ongoing itchy eyes, bloody nose, sinus problems, headaches, nose congestion, runny nose, skin rashes, coughing, breathing difficulties, difficulty in remembering things and/or chronic fatigue. Please remember that some workers or occupants may experience contaminants related health problems, while others may have none.

Health Effects and Air Quality

Many contaminants found in Houses and workplaces, are known to have adverse effects on human health. Biological as in mold and Chemical contaminants, besides causing allergic reaction and acute infections, can cause chronic illnesses in people and their pets.

Ignoring Home And Workplace Maintenance Problems, Mold And Other Contamination Clues

You contribute big-time to becoming a mold and other contamination victim when you ignore roof leaks, plumbing leaks, water stains on floors, walls and ceilings, the indoor and outdoor smell of mold, visible mold growth, condensation on your windows and elsewhere,  high humidity, a wet or damp basement or warehouse, and a wet or damp crawl space. Please note: if at this point you think I can help you, please click here and send me an email with your question.

Hoping That A New Home Or Newly Built Workplace Is Contamination Free, Can Be Wishful Thinking

Today’s new homes and workplaces often come with built-in mold, dust infestation and other problems. I can help prevent this from happening.

Adjusting Your House Or Your Workplace To Suit Your Health Concerns

As a whole, we all need to gain a greater understanding of the area in which we live and work. With that I can help you before your project starts or during the building process. My services include investigations in your cottage, office, other workplace and your home. I or an outsourced third party will identify the problems, find their sources and suggest solutions in a written report. I will provide you with a list of recommendations and an action plan that consists of various options to make improvements if required.  

Ergonomics Home And Workplace Safety Go Hand In Hand

This conceptual illustration shows what steps should be considered when safe proofing an entrance way.

“Ergonomic Home Health And Safety” can help you protect the safety of loved ones within and around your workplace and your home. Just so you know, occupational health and safety starts at your home.

Imagine, most Canadians spend more than half of their time indoors, which can be at the workplace or the home. More accidents happen in the home than any other place, in fact thousands of accidental fatalities and tens of thousands accidental injuries requiring hospital admission occur in Canada every year. Major causes of these accidental deaths and injuries are falls. Many of these needless falls involve the aging population and seniors. Despite proliferation of in-house services, such as housekeeping, home health care and delivered meals, attention to the physical environment and behavioral patterns of occupants of houses is rare. This is where I can help you establish a relationship to home and workplace health and safety.

Regardless of the type of housing or workplace, we can gather information regarding home or workplace architectural details, such as room layout, traffic flow , doors, shelves, windows, bathtubs, showers, illumination, overhead clearances, handles, handrails, and many others, including appliances with awkward controls. These are just a few facts to consider when thinking about home health and safety.