Ergonomic Workplace Quiz

This next quiz, focused on workplace environments, will help generate an awareness of awkward work positions and repetitive motions that can cause discomfort and body strain. Once you have taken the first step by taking this short quiz, you may find that your workplace could be safer, please share this with your employer and have him or her get in touch with me. I may be able to help.

“Do you think your workplace is safe?” I have prepared a short workplace related quiz.

Part 1: Job Assessment (General)

1. Do you use hand tools? Power tools? Manual tools?
2. Are there any sharp edges or rough surfaces? a) on your machine? b) on your materials? c) on your tools?
3. Is your protective wear easy to use?

Part 2: Job Assessment (Specific)

1. Does your job involve using vibrating tools?
2. Does your job involve using tools that have a poor handgrip?
3. Does your job involve working with a bent spine or leaning over?
4. Do any muscles get tired, weak, or sore while doing your job?

Part 3: Back Demands

1. Does your back hurt when you work or by the end of the day? What do you think causes this soreness?
2. Does your job require lifting from low spots?
3. Are there ways to change your job to reduce the demands on your back? Please Explain:

Part 4: Arm & Shoulder Demands

1. Do you work with your arms raised above your shoulders?
2. Do you work with your elbows out away from your body?
3. Do you have alot of repetitive elbow and shoulder movement?

Part 5: Hand & Wrist Demands

1. Do your fingers, hands, or wrists bother you during or after work?
2. Do you have to apply alot of pressure or force with your hands or wrists while working?
3. Would you like to see changes in the job, or equipment given to you to do your job? Please explain:

For a fully detailed evaluation that can make your home or workplace healthier and safer for you and for the environment, please contact us.