Construction Supervisor

Construction Supervisor

  • Wolfgang Schoor B.I.S. C.C.S. has a bachelor degree from the University of Waterloo, with a focus in environmental studies and construction and domestic ergonomics.
  • Other education within the applied arts and construction technology, quality assurance, quality control, construction safety, and business management. As well, he has involved himself with a graduate study towards a master degree in Canadian architectural history and technology transfer.
  • He has formal training in the craft as a master builder and carpenter and joiner in Germany, Canada and the United States
  • Wolfgang has experience as construction supervisor, quality assurance and quality control within building construction related to the framework of industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) as well as residential work.
  • He has certifications as carpenter and joiner, certifications as construction superintendent, certification as construction safety officer, master builder and many other certifications required to gain a clear understanding of both, the profession and craft…” Kraft Arbeiter”…translates to workers who extend physical energy to do their work. He also offers knowledge and construction experience in the field of ergonomic tool design, work methodology, construction worker wellness, occupational health and safety, and medium sized project co-ordination or management. Previous projects and dollar values have been ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.
  • For the last 25 years, I worked in areas between Montebello Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo; most communities in North Western Ontario including the James Bay, Fort McMurray, Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler BC, Cambridge Bay in Nunavut and explored a lot of other places in-between; as well Germany, the Netherlands, the US and Hawaii. While working on many different construction projects in various capacities ranging from apprentice carpenter and joiner to journeyman, lead hand and foreman, safety officer, site supervisor, quality control, quality assurance and other managerial positions.

I believe that a very valuable and important tool in constructing is one’s own reputation “. …and – “when it comes to safety in constructing and buildings products, places and human systems …there shall not be a compromise…for any reason.

  • On my journey of life…the “ Lebensweg”…I never lost sight of my journey and my purpose related to being a participating field researcher, in hot and cold climates, to allow me to explore the human factors, people behavior and technology changes between pure and poor design theory and actual construction practices. The outcome of this can be explained in work related wellness lectures when opportunity knocks. I am still wondering if at the end of the day… technology …really made life easier for the average person. I know there are “trade-off’s”… but my master in Germany was a firm believer that…’ what is built by machine, must first be mastered by hand “the “Hand Werk”. Things changed” didn’t they?
  • During the years I mentioned, my learning experiences, interests, construction, ergonomic and environmental design pursuits include patenting the design of buildings, construction hand tools and life safety systems, on-site construction management and supervision, quality control as clerk of the works, safety coordination and management, planning the maintenance of existing older buildings, building performance and its relationship to the physiology and psychology of people behavior and performance, implementing portable prefabricating systems, personnel selection, effective human resources training and development in terms of tool selection as they relate to a productive, cost-efficient, healthy, safe, and comfortable construction and home environment.

There is no doubt in my mind, that I have much more broad based experience in the business than most people have, but I also know that there are many professional people who have a lot more experience and education then I have. In any case, if you think my experience can add value to your project, please let me know… I will gladly explore the associated potential of mutual benefits.


  • My lifelong focus has centered on the ergonomics, work methodologies and safety of homes, tenements, people behavior, offices, consumer products, social, commercial, ICI construction and other environments. I enjoy doing precision work and take pride in assuring good crafts and workmanship. I am in favor of good honest traditional business practices as a craftsperson, contractor, project manager, safety officer and supervisor with a mastery and diligence and social skills and ability to get along well with others.
  • I developed user friendly capabilities through both my education and practical experience for more than 30 years in Germany and in Canada. I am extremely conscious of safety, cost, efficiency, quality and always looked towards worker, customer and client satisfaction. My skills are based upon sound technical and legal knowledge along with good problem solving abilities as outlined in Qualifications and Experience.



  • My desire is to be engage in a continual process of learning.
  • My curiosity looks forward to “Partnering” with other construction experts.
  • I am interested in gaining employment, contract or commissioned work. Please click here to get in touch with me.

Queen Elisabeth School conversion project to 19 apartments, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Project cost…$1.3 million dollars



Wolfgang has been with us since the start of construction and has led the job for us in all aspects. I can say he has done an incredible job-unbelievable really. He has an excellent working relationship with the engineer / monitor of the job, the City Building and inspection officials. Everything he has done has passed with flying colours. It’s been a long time since my City building reports have no comments on them! Also second to none is his work ethic-working long hours every single day-6 and 7 days aweek-never stops. I would hire Wolfgang again in a heart beat. -Mike McNabb, Schufa Investments Limited