Clerk of the Works

Clerk of the Works

Throughout the construction period, an experienced Clerk of the Works is a critical component in observing contract compliance. As a Clerk of the Works, my primary role is to represent the interests of the owner, actively communicating the owners wishes to the contractors, and ensuring the quality of both workmanship and materials are in accordance with the Project specifications.

Project: Department of National Defense

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada;

Throughout the construction of this large mechanical installations project, my experience as Clerk of the Works and Site Supervisor was a critical component in the success of this project by directing, observing and assuring safety to contract compliance. My primary role was to represent the interests of the owner and the general contractor by planning the daily and weekly work schedules, accurately documenting daily activities and actively communicating directions to the subcontractors, while at the same time ensuring that safety and quality of both workmanship and materials where in accordance with the plans and project specifications. This way, everyone working on the project got paid in accordance to the contractual mandate. Without any hold or call backs.

Project: Youth Justice Facility

Ontario Real Estate Corporation, Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada;

My role as Clerk Of The Works on this 15 million dollar project; a ‘Youth Justice Facility” a Detention Centre for offenders under 17 years of age, in Fort Frances, was to represent the owners interests, serve as the on-site representative for the owner, observe and document the quality of materials, quality of work, safety, project progress, monitor the construction schedule, attend and document project meetings, maintain daily site logs, review applications for payments, track change notices and change orders as required, track daily site attendance of workers which peaked at times to 150, escort officials and visitors and log their attendance, file daily reports to the project manager, and at the end of the project assisted with the documentation and required training during the closeout of the project.

At the end of the project, the following is what the project manager had to say: “Wolfgang, you were terrific”

-Paul Mitchell of Mitchell Architects, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

As your clerk of the works, I will…

  • Let you know what is really happening on site – without you having to be there.

  • Make sure your project is built within your safety policies, and the occupational health and safety act.

  • Be your proactive problem solver, in case of unforseen circumstances.

  • Observe materials, quality of work and Project progress.

  • Monitor construction schedule.

  • Attend & Document Project meetings.

  • Maintain daily logs.

  • Review Applications for Payment.

  • Administer and track change order process, as required.

  • Manage/Track maintenance of Project records.

  • Assist with Project closeout.

Wolfgang Schoor BIS.CCS