Schoor; Wolfgang, councilor at large

Please note, if you have any questions for me, please get in touch with me by either calling me at 807 344 3746 or email or go to my web site at

My name is Wolfgang Schoor , a German born, moved to Canada in my early 20’s, moved around different provinces for a bit and eventually created a home base first in Murillo, then in here in Thunder Bay.

I am a widower with one fine son who also became a carpenter and now works in Winnipeg as a construction superintendent for one of the largest construction companies in Canada.

• I have lived at 238 Villa Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7A3Y2, Canada since 1988.  I would like the honor of representing you…meaning all citizens of the great city of Thunder Bay, as your representative to accurately reflect your wishes by way of being one of the councilors at large.

• Together we can deal with the reality of the day as it comes up; come heaven, hell or high water …we will find reasonable, harmonious and pleasant ways for all of us to live within, livability and an affordable equation, young and old, regardless of any creed. The following will attest to the fact that I am a …”man of action”, you can see me as the …”German Shepherd…the Wolf in the Park…to maintain a balance”… between city council and residents for this great city of Thunder Bay.

Many years ago back in Germany, when working as a boy on the farm my life ambition was to be able to carry a sack of potatoes as did the older boys, and adult men and women. Within the passages of time, Work and construction for me was and still is a life style.

• For the last 40 years, I worked construction in areas between Montebello Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo; most communities in North Western Ontario including the James Bay, Fort McMurray, Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler BC, Cambridge Bay in Nunavut and explored a lot of other places in-between; as well Germany, the Netherlands, the US and Hawaii. While working on many different construction projects in various capacities ranging from apprentice carpenter and joiner to journeyman, lead hand and foreman, safety officer, site supervisor, quality control, quality assurance and other managerial positions.

Starting back in 1988, I formally studied at the University of Waterloo with the a degree akin to a master degree, did a qualifying year at Waterloo for a Master Degree in Regional Planning and Environmental Studies , thereafter, the Lakehead University with an eye towards a master degree in history/material culture ; way before that from 1978 to 1984 part and full time at the Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology; main focus of all of my studies were and still are related to…history, technology transfer, civil and architectural construction technology, human factors, biomechanics, system design and universal and social engineering, business management and ergonomics, which is the body of
knowledge that deals with human abilities, human limitations and other human characteristics that are relevant to design; applied this knowledge to tools, systems, tasks and construction jobs for safe, comfortable, effective human use…resulting in many patents related to tools, building and life safety systems in Canada and the US. Please take note that during all of this study time, I remained working for the most part.

• By profession I am an Ergonomist, a certified construction superintendent, a certified construction safety officer as well as a master builder/carpenter and joiner tradesman/foreman
in Canada , the US and Germany; I have mastered the martial art, equestrian horseman ship (former jockey apprentice in Germany) and some years ago had the fastest time in the world for construction nail driving;

• Professional Memberships: Canadian Ergonomists Association; Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of California, USA, and the Carpenters and Joiners Union local 1669

I would like to point out to you, that when you give your vote to me, essentially, you are voting for yourself…your interest.

Many thanks. Sincerely
Wolfgang Schoor.