About Wolfgang Schoor…

Wolfgang Schoor is a professional who has dedicated more than 30 eventful years of his life to the construction industry. Wolfgang served apprenticeships in both Canada and Germany as a carpenter and joiner, is certified as construction foreman and superintendent, is certified as a construction safety officer (CSO), and has university education in terms of construction technology, systems design and construction ergonomics. Wolfgang Schoor has shown on-going willingness and ability to add an academic dimension to his knowledge base. As well, he has learned from past experiences and looks towards the forever changing multinational workforce and its future in terms of construction technology to achieve higher production and control the related costs along with safety and quality of work. Wolfgang resides in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but he will travel to where ever the work is or will be. Click here to view my Qualifications and Experience page.


Grew up in “Hoholz”, went to public school in Stieldorf, near Bonn, Germany, completed “Bau – Geraete Tischler apprenticeship, e.g. carpenter and joiner” journeyman at the “Guilleaume Werk” in Beuel/Rhein.

Personal Interests:

Are within an academic, artistic and creative dimension and equestrian history. I am especially interested in the Canadian Horse, Lippizzans and Spanish mustangs, who still roam freely within some parts of Canada and the United States. I intend to sooner or later become a horse’s owner again.

Supervisor, Consultant, Design Manager and Tradesman

Wolfgang has many talents, has mastered many approaches to safe work and healthy living and he is a professional that has developed business user friendly capabilities through both educational and practical experience for more than 30 years. He is very proficient when it comes to safety, cost control, efficiency and quality. Specializes in building construction from the concept to the end product and supervising the building of products, places and human system for the well being of people. He insists upon using good, honest business and building practices

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For a bird’s eye view of his recent involvement within the construction industry, please have a look below at project involvements:

Department of National Defense


  • Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

  • Clerk of the Works, Site Supervisor

Youth Justice Facility


  • Fort Frances, Ontario

  • Clerk of the Works

Ontario Power Generating


  • Ear Falls, Ontario (Water Intake)

  • Safety Coordinator

Superior View Housing Cooperative

  • 80 Apartment Units


  • QA / QC, Clerk of the Works

Horizon Project; Concrete Friction Pile Remediation


  • Fort McMurray, Alberta

  • QA / QC, Assistant Manager

Abitibi Canyon – Ontario Power Generating


  • Retrofitting Power Dam, 2010

  • Scaffolder, Site Worker / Safety Representative


German-born “…socially conscious inventor…” holds registered patents, industrial designs, registered trademarks and copy rights in Canada and the United States for construction tools, engineered lumber and building systems, life safety systems related to fire free cooking. He can help others with managing and developing their ideas from concept to product.

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Ergonomist… with a focus of built and construction environments

He formally studied at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ont; the Lakehead University; Thunder Bay Ont, and, Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology in Thunder Bay Ont; main focus of studies where and still are…history, technology transfer, construction technology, human factors, biomechanics and system design engineering related to ergonomics, which is the body of knowledge that deals with human abilities, human limitations and other human characteristics that are relevant to design… Wolfgang Schoor applies this knowledge to tools, systems, tasks and construction jobs for safe, comfortable and effective human use. Professional Memberships as Ergonomist: 1) Canadian Ergonomists Association; 2) Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of California, USA,.

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Villa-House/Modesta Lodge

Has been Wolfgang’s Thunder Bay’s home-base since 1988. It is operated as a multi-use residential rental business, has features within the frame work of an applied science. Wolfgang has conducted research in building performance and its relationship to people behavior.

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